Petzl M57D 17 ANGE FINESSE Quickdraw

Petzl M57D 17 Ange Finesse Quickdraw


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  • Available in four versions to meet a variety of user needs:
    - weight reduction:
    . 10 cm quickdraw with ANGE S on top and bottom
    . 17 cm quickdraw with ANGE S on top and bottom
    - best balance of weight and functionality:
    . 17 cm quickdraw with ANGE S on top and ANGE L on bottom
    - optimal comfort and ease of use:
    . 17 cm quickdraw with ANGE L on top and bottom
  • Ultra-light wire gate ANGE S and ANGE L carabiners:
    - Petzl's MonoFil Keylock ensures smoother opening and closing of the carabiner and a much longer lifetime compared to traditional wire gate carabiners
    - the unique H-profile of the carabiner allows an optimal size and strength-to-weight ratio
    - the indent on the bottom of the carabiner helps keep the STRING in place so that the sling is properly positioned on the carabiner
  • The 10 mm wide Dyneema webbing offers an excellent weight to strength ratio
  • The STRING S holds the rope end carabiner in place and helps protect the webbing from abrasion


  • ANGE S breaking strength: - major axis: 20 kN - minor axis: 7 kN - open gate: 9 kN - gate opening: 23 mm
  • ANGE L strength: - major axis: 22 kN - minor axis: 7 kN - open gate: 10 kN
  • Gate opening: 26 mm
  • Capacity: 21 mm
  • Material(s): aluminum carabiners, Dyneema slings with nylon stitching
  • Certification(s): - carabiner: CE EN 12275 type B, UIAA - sling: CE EN 566, UIAA