Petzl E90BHB C STRIX IR Headlamp

Petzl C Strix IR Headlamp (Camo)



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The Petzl Strix IR Headlamp is a versatile tactical lighting option optimized for hands-free use. Designed with military professionals, special operations teams and law enforcement officers in mind, this headlamp provides adjustable lighting for situations with little to no visibility. Ideal for covert ops, it features a silent mode switching function and dual manipulation knobs for visible and infrared settings. There are three distinct lighting modes, each with its own dedicated set of beams for maximum functionality. The visible color lighting mode features red, green and blue beams. The visible white lighting mode features close-range vision, stealth and movement beams. In terms of infrared lighting, the lamp can operate at a blinking IFF setting as well as close-range vision and quick movement settings. Engineered for mobility and rapid deployment, it operates on a double rotation system, delivering unobstructed illumination in any situation.

Features of Petzl Strix IR Headlamp

  • Weight: 100 g (without batteries)
  • Hands-free design
  • Various carrying positions
  • Double rotation system for optimal lighting range
  • Regulated lighting consistency
  • Three separate lighting modes
  • Visible color lighting with red, green and blue settings
  • Visible white lighting with stealth, movement and close-range vision settings
  • Infrared light with close-range vision, movement and IFF settings
  • Silent knob use
  • Intuitive lighting management
  • Separate knobs for visible and infrared lighting
  • Meets "Buy America" standards