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Seismic Intrusion Detection System

Pathfinder Seismic Intrusion Detection System



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Seismic Intrusion Detection System

Quick and Reliable Intrusion Detection System Deploys in Minutes

Intrusion Detection System

Expendable, affordable, actionable, and undetectable... detects vehicle movement, foot traffic, and equipment power status... sensors that identify security threats BEFORE they cause damage or inflict harm.

To be successful, threats require two things…surprise and maneuver. Pathfinder Intrusion Detection System eliminates both by taking you inside your threat, revealing its operations, patterns, and likely intent, allowing you to respond more deliberately and effectively and reduce your likelihood for loss.

Pathfinder Intrusion Detection System is the next generation of ARA's Expendable Unattended Ground Sensor (E-UGS) system. Pathfinder Intrusion Detection System incorporates lessons learned by the US Military and is specifically optimized for Defense, Border Security, Critical Infrastructure, and Consumer applications.


Pathfinder Intrusion Detection System


Next Generation Footstep Intrusion Detection System for:

Pathfinder Intrusion Detection System deployment

Perimeter Security

Pathfinder redefines the traditional perimeter security and virtual fence paradigm, by securing ‘the right space NOT the whole space’, improving your overall security and reducing your overall costs. Successful perimeter security begins with the ability to identify and secure critical Points of Penetration (POP). POPs are defined as any logical choke point vulnerability based on natural and/or manmade factors and, in their most basic form, include things such as bridges, gates, fence lines, rail lines, and natural lines of drift.

Threat Pattern Analysis

Developing an understanding of the pattern of ‘normal’ human behavior within a particular area allows for a more rapid threat assessment and incremental response to observed anomalies. To better understand threat movement patterns and behaviors, we complement POPs with Route Analysis Detections (RAD), by placing sensors on logical lanes into and out of a POP. RADs can be complex and difficult to determine but often are manmade, terrain-driven, evidence-based, and/or tactically deduced.   

Surveillance Detection

Attacks or physical penetrations are almost always preceded by some level of surveillance or reconnaissance. Therefore to prevent them, you must be able to detect and monitor when such intelligence gathering is taking place. Surveillance Detection Zones (SDZ), when employed properly, do just that. Specifically employed to detect movement during reconnaissance and surveillance, and often combined with POPs and RADs, SDZs deduce likely threat intent and expose their plan long before it’s ever executed.  SDZs are specifically designed to capture ingress and egress, cover dead space, and ID movement specific to close target reconnaissance and/or covert surveillance.   

Pathfinder Seismic intrusion detection Set

Pathfinder Intrusion Detection System

One Step Ahead of Your Threats

Gain greater awareness of multiple threat activities and behaviors with the Pathfinder system. Pathfinder is the premier footstep and vehicle detection system designed for both the commercial and military markets. It provides an expendable, affordable, actionable, and undetectable early warning capability allowing the operator to "find the path", inferring movement patterns, routes, key locations, and likely intent. The power of Pathfinder is that it accomplishes all this before the threat can cause damage or inflict harm. The technology and advancements in Pathfinder  stem from seven years of United States military feedback on ARA’s original seismic sensor system. With over 48,000 units delivered around the globe, our sensors continue to be employed by Soldiers in numerous regions today. 




 Most notable to the next generation Pathfinder sensors are:

  • Improved machine learning algorithms resulting in higher probability of detection and lower false alarms
  • Significantly improved battery life
  • Mobile alert notifications
  • Intuitive app-based interface
  • Simplified emplacement
  • Enhanced mapping technologies

These wide-ranging improvements provide greater mission applicability in specific areas such as cross-border security, counter terrorism/trafficking/narcotics, critical infrastructure protection, and system integrators.

Why It Works

To be successful, threats require two things, surprise and maneuver. Pathfinder eliminates both by covertly detecting, identifying, and monitoring threats beforethey can cause damage or inflict harm.

Pathfinder provides what other sensors can’t by allowing users to intervene against threats at the most opportune moment, making it appear as ‘chance contact’. Detailed activity monitoring lets users easily keep the threat’s tactics, techniques, and procedures intact while giving no indication that his activities have been compromised. 

Where Pathfinder Makes a Difference

Pathfinder Military

Pathfinder Consumer

Don’t see your industry? No problem, Pathfinder is the most adaptive ground sensor on the market.

The Pathfinder Seismic intrusion detection System: Price starts at $50,000 

  • Extended battery life (MINI sensor: 6-8 months; XL sensor: 24 months)
  • Focused detection radii and point detection capability
  • Long range detection reporting without the use of gateways and relays
  • Line of sight, non-line of sight and beyond line of sight capable
  • Intelligent, machine learning algorithms
  • High probability of detection and low false alarm rate
  • Fixed site and mobile detection receipt and monitoring
  • Ruggedized sensor capable of withstanding a wide range of climates and terrains
  • Includes 60 MINI sensors or 30 XL sensors. Individual sensor quantities can be customized.
  • Receiver Kit
  • GUI Monitor 
  • Includes installation 

Where Pathfinder Seismic Intrusion Detection System Makes an Impact:

  • Border Security
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Refugee Migration
  • Livestock/Timber Theft
  • Counter Trafficking/Narcotics/Terrorism
  • Search and Rescue
  • Military Operations
  • Anti-Poaching
  • Vandalism and Theft
  • Pipeline and Well Security
  • Prison Perimeters