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KJB Neck Tie Covert Camera - C1174

Neck Tie Covert Camera


KJB Security

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Battery Powered

Kjb Hidden Camera With Tie Covert Battery Operated Camera

Suit Up and Go Undercover

This cleverly designed hidden camera is disguised as a common neck tie. The camera is secretly mounted within the tie and can be easily recorded through a tiny pinhole to a handheld DVR.


  • This hardwired camera is adaptable to different DVRs for different occasions
  • Nothings suits professional undercover needs better
  • Nearly all of KJB’s handheld DVR’s link to the tie camera
  • Only a single wire is needed to provide video from and power to the camera
  • Clear, low light image capability separate this tie from others on the rack
  • Best uses: Law enforcement, Private investigation, and more


  • 450 TV lines
  • Interline CCD image sensor
  • 0.2 LUX
  • 4.3 mm lens
  • 80 degree field of view

Included with this item

  • Tie with hidden CCD camera
  • Battery pack
  • RCA A/V and Power Cable (converts 2.5mm connector to RCA)