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Mobile Ballistic Panels
Mobile Ballistic Panels

Mobile Ballistic Panels


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Mobile Ballistic Panels feature a high quality laminated bullet resistant Fiberglass core sandwiched inside a Molded Expanded Polystyrene (MPS). The surface is still gentle to the touch, tackable, but the centered fiberglass core is exceptionally strong. The weight of each 4'X6' Armored Panel is 115 lbs. (UL-3). Custom panels can be made to fit your size and protection requirements.


UL Listed Bullet Resistant Fiberglass. This material is manufactured using a starch-oil woven roving ballistic grade fiberglass cloth. The cloth is mechanically injected with a thermoset polyester resin and placed in a hydraulic hot press, then pressed into flat rigid sheets up to 4' X 9'. By using a starch-oil ballistic grade fiber in the cloth, the ballistic performance is maximized by consistently achieving a uniform resin to fiber ratio. This allows the proper ply delamination to encapture projectiles. Excessive resin left behind in the manufacturing process results in a thicker, less effective product. By using the correct amount of pressure and heat during the curing process, excessive resin is eliminated from Bullet Resistant Fiberglass, always resulting in a product that provides the maximum amount of protection at the lightest weight. This Bullet Resistant Fiberglass is approved by the U.S. Marshal Service, the General Services Administration, and complies with NIJ standards.


Mobile Battle Panels are compatible with specific trucks and special fabrics. These bullet resistant panels can be wheeled into place when needed and wheeled back into storage when not needed. The optional trucks make the extra weight of the armored panels easy to move about.


We offer stronger UL5 rated ballistic panels (7.62 rifle, 150 grain). The wheel trucks are stronger since a 4'x6' unit can weigh around 400 lbs. These wheel trucks are equipped with "total lock" casters, where the wheel and rotation can be locked. These are upholstered with a fabric and tackable core. The casters are placed so that a 90° angle can be acheived with only three panels. Other designs, sizes and colors or messages (signage) are available. Shipping is extra. Just tell us your needs.


Mobile Ballistic Panels clear and non mobile. ADA compliant. Panels will interlock. Flat pedestals, no tripping hazard. Double overlap at joints prevent bullet intrusion.


 We can offer "rated ballistic glass" or a product that is not officially rated by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) or the National Institure of Justice (NIJ). The cost for the unrated product is about 1/2. The performance is about the same. Above is a test of the unrated ballistic glass/polycarbonate product. It stopped a single 7.62mm round with no spalling in the back. This is similar to what the UL-5 officially rated ballistic glass will do.