MKII Tactical Responder Body Armor - Security Pro USA
MKII Tactical Responder Body Armor - Security Pro USA
MKII Tactical Responder Body Armor - Security Pro USA
MKII Tactical Responder Body Armor - Security Pro USA

MKII Tactical Responder Body Armor

Phalanx Defense Systems

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Tactical 1st Responder Body Armor - MKII 

First Responders | EMS Body Armor |Tactical Paramedic

MKII Tactical Paramedics Body Armor is expert choice armor offering full range of motion without sacrificing the quality and  protection. NIJ Level IIIA Body Armor.


made in usa

The workhorse of our carrier collection, the Tactical Responder MKII was developed for Tactical Paramedics in active shooter and mass casualty incidents, with an emphasis on integrating Tactical Emergency Casualty Care. The MKII allows for full range of motion while also providing superb coverage area. Easy adjustability allows the MKII to be customized across shifts, rather than requiring custom vests for each wearer.

Tactical Responder Features

  • Includes two NIJ 0101.06 standard certified ballistic panels; threat Level IIIA
  • Two integrated plate pockets that can hold additional 10” x 12” or 11” x 14” hard
  • armor plates
  • PALS webbing on the front and back allows for unit customization
  • Multi-use armor system conforms to any team member’s frame within seconds
  • Can be stored in, and deployed from all standard emergency vehicles

Pouches & Patches

Patches and pouches are part of the necessary accessories First Responders need daily. We have a large variety to choose from. Tell us what you are looking for and we will complete your unit’s deployment package.

MKII Side Armor

side armorTactical Responder MKII easily integrates with the Tactical Responder Side Armor System, protecting the sides of the wearer from various forms of trauma and impact. The optional side armor system offers simplified integration/detachment of a cummerbundstyle side armor system, that provides a modular one size fits most configuration. The Tactical Responder Side Armor System is sold separately.

Durable Engineered

our Body armor will not be compromised by becoming wet or being exposed to daily wear and tear. Unlike ceramic hard armor on the market, our hard armor can be dropped without concern that the internal structure has been cracked and rendered useless against a threat.

Vitals Protection 

The engineers at Phalanx studied the sizing for armor across numerous manufacturers and users. For the majority of people, armor protecting an area of 10"x12" will shield the vital organs of the chest and abdomen from head-on penetration. Our plates are designed with this in mind, though we do have alternative sizing options available for those who require it.

Designed & Comfort

Body armor only works for those who wear it, so ours is designed to be as comfortable as possible on the job. Lighter than most options on the market, our hard armor is contoured both laterally and horizontally to better conform to the body.

Multi Hit Tested

Our Body armor has been tested to withstand multiple hits without being compromised.