Firefighter Armor
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MKV Firefighter Armor
firefighter gear
MKV Firefighter Armor
MKV Firefighter Armor
MKV Firefighter Armor
MKV Firefighter Armor
MKV Firefighter Armor
MKV Firefighter Armor
MKV Firefighter Armor
MKV Firefighter Armor
MKV Firefighter Armor
MKV Firefighter Armor
MKV Firefighter Armor
MKV Firefighter Armor

MKV Firefighter Armor

Phalanx Defense Systems

This product is available.

MKV Responders Firefighter Armor 

Firefighter Armor with Level IIIA Protection

MKV Firefighter Armor is most trusted and proven body armor, Allow full range of motion highly durable and comfortable offers full coverage. 


made in usa

MVK Tactical Responders Firefighter Armor is crafted and designed complete solution for firefighter. The standard soft armor protection that it comes with is certified for National Institute of Justice Level III-A threats, which protects against the most common handgun threats, as required by the National Fire Protection Association NFPA 3000 'Standard for an Active Shooter/Hostile Event Response Program.'

Additionally, the 'one-size-fits-most' carrier is fully adjustable up to a 61-inch waist. Accommodating for the fiscal realities that make it challenging to equip every individual in a department, the Phalanx "one-size fits-most" design allows for ease of issue by shift or by seat when necessary.

Fire-Resistance Firefighter Clothing

Some armor carriers are constructed of a textured nylon material that melts when subjected to high temperatures. And option like the Mark-V can be designed to be fire resistant, to protect from special threats.

Ability To Upgrade

With the investment a department might make into ballistic gear, you'll want to make sure it can grow with your team in the face of future threats. Look for a carrier where you can upgrade to hard armor plates in the front and the back for increased protection against rifle ammunition.

Custom Look

Departments will likely want to steer clear of gear that makes them appear overly militarized. Look for one that blends with the bunker gear as much as possible to prevent alarming the public on standard calls.

  • Outer shell matches traditional bunker gear
  • NIJ 0101.06 standard Level IIIA certified
  • System weight – 12.55 lbs. with accessories
  • Detachable yoke and bicep protection accessories available

Firefighter Suit Features

  • 12”x18” ballistic coverage for front and back protection.
  • Detachable and modular construction that allows neck and bicep upgrade
  • Side Armor System adds 360 degree Level IIIA coverage around waist (up to 61 inches) via a removable/adjustable cummerbund using MOLLE webbing
  • Internal front-and-back plate pockets can accommodate additional hard armor plates up to 11” x 14”
  • Adjustable hook and loop, padded shoulder straps provides a fully adjustable, one-size-fits-most system
  • Hook and loop patches for high-visibility ID panels on front and back
  • Rugged “man down” drag handle

Firefighter Armor Technical Specifications

  • System weight – 10.5 lbs. (not including accessories)
  • Total ballistic coverage area when the cummerbund is used is 682 sq. in.
  • 1.8 yards of reflective material providing 360 degree high-visibility using 3” wide 3M Scotch Reflective material 9587
  • Constructed from durable thermal resistant GEMINI™ XT fabric, made of PBI® and DuPont™ Kevlar® spun yarns
  • 1.17 PSF IIIA soft armor panels are sonically welded in Brookwood 70D with laminated polyurethane
  • Level IIIA panel thickness of less than 0.30”
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty on carrier, 5 years on armor
  • Made in USA

 Available Accessories

  • Side Armor
  • Pouches
  • Patches

MK V Firefighter vest is available in two options:

1. Non FR rated Kevlar/Aramid base fabric (offer some FR qualities but NOT FR rated)
2. Bunker Gear FR rated fabric (made to order and requires case by case quoting for volume cost)