Explosives Detection kit - MIS-1588 LED

Mistral 1588 LED Kit Explosives Detection Kit

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Explosives Detection Kit - 1588 LED Kit

Explosive detection field test kit for Security authorities, law enforcement agencies and private sector security with innovative, relevant and ready solutions for the challenges faced while out in the field. 

A unique explosive aerosol test technology, Expray, detects both trace and substance levels of explosives as well as homemade explosive (HME) precursors. Commonly used by armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, Expray helps detect a wide spectrum of explosives and HME precursors quickly and effectively.

Explosives Detection Kit Expray Capabilities:

  • Nitro Aromatic
  • Nitro Esters
  • Nitramines
  • Inorganic Nitrates
  • Urea Nitrate
  • Ammonium Nitrate
  • Chlorates
  • Bromates
  • Peroxide-based components
  • Perchlorates