Federal Signal Stinger Spike Trap Tire Deflation System

Federal Signal Stinger Spike Trap Tire Deflation System

Federal Signal

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The Stinger Spike Trap is a tire deflation system employs high strength, hollow steel spikes that penetrate all types of tires – including self-sealing and run-flats – and deflate them in a regulated manner. This prevents blowouts, slows the perpetrator’s vehicle to a safer rate of speed, and allows him to make a controlled stop. And Stinger spikes are effective on all types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and buses.


  • 110 detachable, hollow spikes with tip guards
  • 2.1” long stainless steel spikes, heat treated to T7, with a non-reflective buffed surface and anti-coring point
  • Dimensions (when contained in the carrying case) - 18.0" x 20" x 3.3" (45.7cm x 50.8cm x 8.4cm)
  • 100% stainless steel
  • Reusable modular base with molded sections of Dupont Zytel® Flexible Nylon® connected with stainless steel hardware and replaceable spikes
  • 10 each replacement spikes, tip guards, grommets, and one spike replacement tool
  • Device is bi-directional and has a patented rock and tilt mechanism action that tilts the spike into the tire at the correct angle allowing maximum penetration
  • Device is reusable
  • Device is pre-assembled
  • Device is officer serviceable in the field
  • Includes Lifetime Spike Replacement Guarantee
  • Includes training package (Trainers manuals, Student manuals, training video tape/CD and a factory certified ½ day training course)