Eberlestock M5HT Team Elk Pack - Hide-Open Timber Veil

Eberlestock M5HT Team Elk Pack - Hide-Open Timber Veil



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The Team Elk pack is one of the best all-around hunting packs ever created. With a unique set of best-in-class features, including fold-away rifle scabbard, built-in bow carrier, Intex tubular aluminum frame, dual full-depth spotting scope and hydration pockets, grapple-compression straps, and more! We've added zip-and-flip covers to the scabbard and bow carrier, so that when not carrying a gun or bow, they serve as additional pockets. At 3100 cubic inches (51 liters), the Team Elk pack hits the sweet spot in hunting pack size. It serves well as a day pack but is also great for shorter multi-day trips, and is an excellent game hauler. Has both front-loading and top-loading access.

Designed to appeal to all hunters, we're proud to support the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation with a donation of part of the purchase price of each pack sold.

Shipping dimensional weight = 21 lbs. Actual weight = 6.8 lbs.