Eberlestock ALBCME Longbow Carrier with Ripcord

Eberlestock Longbow Carrier with Ripcord



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Eberlestock Long Bow Carrier - ALBCME

Eberlestock Long Bow Carrier for X2, JP9 Blue Widow, G2 Gunslinger II, J34, J107s or F3 Halftrack

The Longbow Carrier mounts onto all Eberlestock packs that have our Padlock system webbing strips on their lower frontal area. It's ideally suited for the X2, JP9 Blue Widow, or F3H Halftrack, and will also work on the G2 Gunslinger II, the J34, and newer-model J107s. It comes with self-mounting Annex Clips that allow you to attach it to a pack's Padlock matrix. The kit includes a Ripcord Tether. Available in Dry Earth only, to match the trim of our hunting packs.