A1STME Stuff Sack 1 Pint Dry Earth
Eberlestock  A1STMR Stuff Sack 1 Pint Ranger Green
Eberlestock  A1STSA Stuff Sack 1 Pint  Sage Green

Eberlestock ST Stuff Sack Pint


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These little stuff sacks are great for organizing your smaller items, to keep them from going adrift inside a pack. We offer three colors in two sizes, so you can store your things in a color-coded bag for different varieties of item. The small A1ST sack is about a pint, and is good for storing a small rain cover. The large A2ST is about a quart size, and is good for a J2RC rain cover. Choose our new "Lucent" semi-transparent sacks to help to identify what's inside by seeing it through the sides of the pouch.