A1SS Short Shotgun Scabbard Multicam
A1SS Short Shotgun Scabbard - Military Green
short shotgun scabbard- Dry Earth
Eberlestock Short Shotgun Scabbard - Black
Eberlestock Short Shotgun Scabbard - Coyote Brown

Eberlestock A1SS Short Shotgun Scabbard



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Eberlestock Short Shotgun Scabbard

This short side scabbard will mount to the Padlock matrix on the sides of our packs, and is a great way to carry a compact shotgun or a flyrod, in addition to whatever you're carrying in the main scabbard. The A1SS attaches to standard MOLLE/PALS-compatible webbing, and can also be clipped into the Control Clips in our Gunslinger pack's Backscabbard. Used this way, you can put both a shotgun and a rod tube or a tripod into the main scabbard, and keep them from clanking together. Or, if you're a tactical operator, this is a great way to carry an entry gun or other tactical shotgun in addition to all of the other stuff that you're carrying.

If you have a longer shotgun, choose the A2SS Scabbard. And for any shotgun with external round holders, etc., such as those often used in 3-gun competitions, we'd recommend the A2LS.

Eberlestock Short Shotgun Scabbard Specification

Dimensions: 25"H x 5"W x 1.5"D
Circumference: 13" 
Weight: 12 oz