DuraSeal Targets - Crazy Bounce Star

DuraSeal Targets - Crazy Bounce Star

Champion Traps and Targets

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These wild and crazy, bouncing targets allow you to practice moving your aim as it outrageously darts in any direction when struck. Available in a star or ball design, the 3-D shapes provide a side to aim at, no matter how it bounces, tumbles and rolls after each hit. DuraSeal material is made in the U.S.A. and is constructed of a non-metal, self-sealing material that handles hundreds of rounds, yet still keeps its shape to provide hours of engaging shooting fun. For best results, set it on a flat area, clear of long grasses and other debris.


- Re-active target bounces, tumbles and rolls on ground when shot
- DuraSeal material handles hundreds of rounds yet still keeps its shape
- 5-inch diameter, 3-dimensional design
- High-visibility, radiation green color
- Handles 17-cal up to 50-cal rifles or handguns
- Crazy Bounce Star