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DetectaChem Synthetic Cannabinoids Detection Card (Box of 100)

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The Synthetic Cannabinoids Detection Card is designed to detect the presence of modified cannabinoid narcotics such as K2 and Spice. These designer synthetic drugs are from the synthetic cannabinoid class of drugs that are often marketed and sold under the deguise of “herbal incense” or “potpourri". Synthetic Cannabinoid's compounds are constentially expanding and changing. This detection card covers many of the base compounds for a majority of the current-day compounds, but not all.

The detection card offers great sensitivity for trace drug detection, while also delivering reliable bulk detection in a single card. The easy-to-use swipe detection system provides industry leading presumptive testing results at a lower cost. Must be used with a SEEKER product. The Detection Card is the tool that allows the user to physically collect a sample of trace or bulk residue and contains the patented colorimetric delivery system to provide accurate, repeatable and reliable detection.