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DetectaChem GSR Lead Detection Card (Box of 100)

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The GSR-Lead Detection Card is offers detection for the presence of lead which is present with the discharge of a firearm; bullet wipe consistent with the passage of a lead-bearing bullet; or vaporous lead residue left from discharge.

The test can be performed on number of surfaces after a firearm discharge, such as the firearm, victim’s hands, victim clothing, drywall, vehicle upholstery, curtains, carpet, etc.

Lead from firearm includes vaporous lead (smoke), particulate lead, lead in primer residues (e.g., lead azideor lead styphnate), lead bullet, or shot pellet wipe. Lead may be from other sources.

The easy-to-use swipe detection system provides industry leading presumptive testing results at a lower cost. Must be used with a SEEKER product. The Detection Card is the tool that allows the user to physically collect a sample of trace or bulk residue and contains the patented colorimetric delivery system to provide accurate, repeatable and reliable detection.