DetectaChem Automated Bundle

DetectaChem 1 Year Automated Bundle



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Drug Detection - Automated Bundle

MobileDetect | Trace Bulk Drug Detection | Search and Seizure Teams

The DetectaChem 1-Year Bundle gets you powerful automated presumptive testing for full year. Purchasing this bundle gives you not only MobileDetect Pouches but also an AccessCode to activate your MobileDetect App on your Android or iOS device.

Automated Bundle Includes:

  • AccessCode for 1 Year of Access to MobileDetect App
  • MobileDetect Field Test Kit:
    • Custom ruggedized Pelican™ 1150 Case for easy storage
    • 40 Assorted MobileDetect Pouches
    • Quick-Start Guide
  • ACCESS PLAN DISCOUNT: 5% discount on all future pouch orders
  • Support for Full Year of Service
  • 1-Year Free App Upgrades