Protective Medical Goggles (10)

Protective Medical Goggles (10)


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Main features

  • The frame is made of high quality soft polyethylene material, easy to bend, good sealing
  • Can be used for protection during inspection
  • Cuts off body fluid: blood splash, flying foam, nasal and oral droplets etc
  • High transparency and wide field of vision
  • Helps avoid secondary pollution
  • Disposable
  • May be due to disinfectant, medical alcohol, high temperature disinfection and other reasons of degradation and hardening, such as repeated use of disinfection
  • If the soft material has significantly hardened, please stop use, replace on time
  • After disinfection, use special long acting anti-fog lens cloth to wipe, then polish the lens
  • The goggles are designed with compatible glasses and adjustable elastic band. Equipped with anti-fog mirror cloth which can provide anti-fog function for myopia lens
  • Suitable for working environment requiring frequent disinfection, such as hospitals
  • Widely used in the protection of medical staff in hospitals in China