Atn Thor-hd 640 2.5-25x 640x480 50mm

Atn Thor-hd 640 2.5-25x 640x480 50mm



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Atn Thor-hd 640, Thermal Rifle Scope, 2.5-25x, 640x480mm, 50mm, 5 Different Reticles In Red/green/blue/white/black, Full Hd Video Record, Wifi, Gps, Smooth Zoom And Smartphone Compatible With Ios Or Android, Black Finish, Batteries Included Tiwsth643a

Model: ThOR-HD
Product Type: Rifle Scope
Finish/Color: Black
Description: Full HD Video Rec, WiFi, GPS, Zoom and Smartphone Controlling thru iOS or Android
Size: 50mm