ATHEA EXTINCT CONCENTRATE - Athea barren athea vacate athea laboratories silt brom aero gel banish eliminator private label odor eliminator cide solv triple threat athea packaging banish herbicide total solutions eliminator athea labs eliminator herb


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Each  quantity contain 30 Gallons .

2.5% Permethrin, concentrate,

insect killer with 4 week residual

Extinct Concentrate insecticide is a broad-use insecticide for immediate knockdown of many crawling and flying insects. Ideal for use outdoors. Contains 2.50% Permethrin.

Ideal for use on Lawns, Shrubs, Fescue, Trees, House Plants, Gardens, Patios, and Picnic Areas.

Effective against Ants, Caterpillars, Fleas, Leafminers, Pine Beetles, Aphids, Chinch Bugs, Flying Moths, Mealybugs, Earwigs, Armyworms, Cicadas, Gnats, Millipeds, Sowbugs/Pillbugs, Bagworms, Crickets, Grasshoppers, Mole Crickets, Spanworms, Beetles, Cutworms, Grubs, Mosquitoes, Spidermites, Black Flies, Deer Ticks, House Flies, Moths, and many others.