ATHEA BIO-FLOW BLOCK - Athea barren athea vacate athea laboratories silt brom aero gel banish eliminator private label odor eliminator cide solv triple threat athea packaging banish herbicide total solutions eliminator athea labs eliminator herbicide


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Each quantity contain 4 x2 lb. Case

Slow-dissolving bacterial block

Bio-Flow™ Block delivers continuous maintenance of grease traps, interceptors, lift stations, wet wells, and collections systems at less cost and effort than other systems. This solid bacterial block breaks down grease, fat, and sludge buildup while reducing strong odors. Utilizing naturally occurring bacteria, each new block is suspended from a rope into the treatment area, where it dissolves gradually over a 30-90 day period. Reduces labor time for dosage maintenance and the need for pump-outs by automating septic and grease trap maintenance.

Ideal for use in wastewater treatment systems, including Lift Stations, Wet Wells, Ponds, Lagoons, Basins, Settling Tanks, Holding Tanks, and Digesters.