Armasight Predator 640 1-8x25 (30 Hz) Thermal Imaging Weapon Sight
Armasight Predator 640 1-8x25 (30 Hz) Thermal Imaging Weapon Sight
Armasight Predator 640 1-8x25 (30 Hz) Thermal Imaging Weapon Sight
Armasight Predator 640 1-8x25 (30 Hz) Thermal Imaging Weapon Sight

Armasight Predator 640 1-8x25 (30 Hz) Thermal Imaging Weapon Sight (25 mm Lens)



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Armasight Predator 640 1-8x25 (30 Hz) Thermal Imaging Weapon Sight

FLIR Predator | Predator 640 1-8x25 (30 Hz) Thermal Imaging Weapon Sight | Thermal Imaging Riflescope

Predator 640 1-8x25 (30 Hz) Thermal Imaging Weapon Sight, FLIR Tau 2 - 640x512 (17μm) 30Hz Core, 25mm Lens

ARMASIGHT by FLIR Predator 640 1-8x25 (30 Hz)

Ready for day and night engagements, the FLIR Predator offers trusted thermal imaging in a compact, standalone weapon sight. Built with FLIR’s Tau 2 thermal core, the Predator can detect targets in complete darkness and through atmospheric obscurants such as snow, dust, smoke, and fog. The lightweight and intuitive weapon sight offers multiple user-controlled palettes and reticles for better target visibility and shot accuracy.

The Predator is a solid state, uncooled, long-wave infrared, magnified dedicated weapon scope intended for day and night engagements without the need to remove the sight from the rifle. The 24/7 mission capability is just one of its many strengths. Thermal imaging technology also allows you to detect targets by cutting through snow, dust, smoke, fog, haze, and other atmospheric obscurants.

Armasight Predator 336 2-8x25 Thermal Imaging Weapon Sight

Proven Thermal Detection


Multiple user-controlled reticles and 25 mm lens allow rapid target acquisition in complete darkness and low-visibility weather conditions.


Reliable thermal imaging in one of the lightest and most compact weapon sights in its class.


Quick-release Picatinny rail mount, three second start-up time, and wireless remote control allow fast and simple operation.


Advanced image processing eliminates the guesswork

  • Completely digital for better detection, classification and recovery, day or night
  • Built using the FLIR Tau 2 thermal core
  • Bright, high definition AMOLED display for absolute clarity


Lightest and most compact scope in its class

  • Powerful hardware is protected by a robust body
  • Featuring a 17 μm pixel pitch and on-chip image processing
  • Outstanding thermal image quality in the darkness or through smoke, haze, fog, rain


Packed with features for a versatile and customizable viewing experience.

  • User-adjustable Image Enhancement Tools
  • Multiple color palettes
  • Digital zoom for extra reach

    Armasight Predator 640 1-8x25 (30 Hz) Thermal Imaging Weapon Sight Specification:

    General Predator 640 1-8x25
    Detector type 640 x 512 VOx Microbolometer
    Refresh rate 30
    Start up 3 seconds
    Lens system 25 mm; F/1.0
    Optical magnification
    Field of view (H x V) 25° × 8°
    Digital zoom 2×, 4×, 8×
    Diopter adjustment range -5 to +5 dpt
    Focusing range 20m to infinity
    Display 640x480 LED
    Video output PAL (768×574 pixels)/ NTSC (640×480 pixels)
    Temperature imaging modes (Image Palettes) White Hot, Black Hot, Fusion, Rainbow, Globow, Ironbow1, Ironbow2, Sepia, Color1, Color2, Ice-Fire, Rain, and OEM
    Reticle type Dot 4 MOA, Line Dot, Cross Center Dot, Cross, Crosshair, and “No Reticle”
    Reticle color Black, White, Red, Cyan, and High Visibility
    User Interface
    Operation switch On/ Off/ Standby mode
    Control panel buttons

    Configures Operational Settings:

    • Display Brightness Control
    • Image Palette Control
    • Digital Zoom Control
    • Reticle Color Control
    • Reticle Pattern Control
    • Boresighting Contro
    • On-Screen Menu Navigation
    Remote control button Activates/deactivates the Predator in standby mode
    Eyepiece focus ring Adjusts the eyepiece diopter
    Connector Power in, analog video in/out, digital video recorder
    Battery type Two CR123A 3V Lithium batteries or CR123 type rechargeable batteries with voltage from 3.0V to 3.7V
    Battery life (Operating) Up to 4 hr at 20°C
    Operating temperature range 40°C to +50°C (-40°F to +122°F)
    Storage temperature range -50°C to +70°C (-58°F to +158°F)
    Weight 0.63 kg (1.4 lbs)
    Overall dimensions 274 × 74 × 83 mm (10.8 × 2.9 × 3.3 in)
    Dimensions without lens cap and eyecup 193 × 74 × 83 mm (7.6 × 2.9 × 3.3 in)

      Package Includes

      Thermal Riflescope, Battery Cassette, Video Cable, Wireless Remote Control with Picatinny Adapter, Quick Start Guide, Soft Carrying Case, Lens Cloth