Armasight ANHM000183 Helmet Mount #183 (Shroud) (Weapon)

Armasight ANHM000183 Helmet Mount #183 (Shroud)



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ANHM000183 Helmet Mount #183 (Shroud)

Armasight Helmet Mount #183 (Shroud) Description:

Armasight Helmet Mount #183 (Shroud) is a helmet mount assembly that allows mounting of a night vision device onto helmet for hands free operations. The helmet mount has a flip-up mechanism which turns off the unit when it reaches its highest position. Recommended for the following Armasight devices: Sirius, N-14, NYX-14, Nyx-14 Pro, Nyx-7, Nyx-7 Pro, N-15.

Armasight ANHM000183 Helmet Mount #183 (Shroud) Specification:

Material Aluminum
Dimension 4 x 3 x 2" / 102 x 76 x 51 mm
Weight 8 oz / 226.8 g