Air Gun Targets - Dual Shooting Gallery

Air Gun Targets - Dual Shooting Gallery


Sig Sauer

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Heavy duty metal construction with all weather, durable powder coating. Two center mass knockdown targets with center SIG target as the reset function. Two center mass targets magnetically lock down once struck. To reset hit the center SIG target to release them all back to the starting position. Dimensions: 16x10x9 inches. Compatible calibers; .177, .22, .25 pellet. Recommended for use with lead airgun pellet and lead shot only.


- 2 Center Mass Knockdown Targets w/ Center SIG Target as the Reset Function
- 2 Center Mass Targets Magnetically Lock Down once struck.
- To Reset: Hit the Center SIG Target to release them all back to the Starting position.
- Dimensions 16"(W) x 10"(H) x 9"(D)
- Compatible Calibers: .177 / .22 /.25
- For use with Break Barrel / CO2 (12 gr / 90 gr) / PCP Airguns
- Heavy Duty, Metal Construction
- All Weather Durable Powder Coating
- Easy to set up


- Manufacturer :Sig Sauer