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Are you looking for something simple to help you train? Or do you just want to go out and shoot? We have a fantastic option with our PT Hold. It provides a stable platform that holds any type of paper-based target, is easy to move and assemble. (1x2 wood and target not included).

Paper and cardboard targets are a great way to teach accuracy or threat recognition techniques. Unfortunately, there often is not a convenient way to mount them.

The PT Hold target holder combines a sturdy foot assembly with a simple clamp that holds 1-by-2 strips of wood to provide a portable and reliable way to mount your paper and cardboard targets anywhere you need to. You can also order special mounting rods to use our 3D Targets with your PT Hold™ stands.

Size: 6" H plus cardboard x 24" L x 24" W Weight: 20 lbs. Handgun: Cardboard target Rifle: Cardboard target