Trijicon ACOG 3x30mm
trijicon acog
ACOG 3x30mm Compact Dual Illuminated Scope
acog sight
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ACOG 3x30mm Compact Dual Illuminated Scope - Amber Chevron 7.62x51mm-175gr Ball Reticle with Colt Knob Thumbscrew Mount, Blk



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Trijicon ACOG Scope

ACOG 3x30 Compact Dual Illuminated Scope

Manufacture ID: TA33-C-400120

Trijicon's 3x30mm model is designed for law enforcement and military applications-where the combination of ample magnification, low light capability and long eye relief make the TA33 the Trijicon ACOG of choice. The ACOG Scope features Dual Illumination Amber Chevron .308 Ballistic Reticle.

ACOG Features:

  • Flattop Mount
  • Compact ACOG Scopecoat
  • Lens Pen
  • Trijicon Logo Sticker
  • Manual
  • Warranty Card

ACOG Specifications

  • Magnification: 3x
  • Objective Size: 30mm
  • Bullet Drop Compensator: Yes
  • Length: 6.1"
  • Weight: 11.64 oz. with Mount
  • Illumination Source: Fiber Optics & Tritium
  • Reticle Pattern: Chevron
  • Day Reticle Color: Amber
  • Night Reticle Color: Amber
  • Calibration: 0.308
  • Eye Relief: 1.9"
  • Exit Pupil: 10mm
  • Field of View (Degrees): 3.7
  • Field of View at 100 yards: 19.3'
  • Adjustment at 100 yards (clicks/in): 4
  • Mount: TA60
  • Mount Comes With: TA60
  • Housing Material: Forged Aluminum
  • Color: Black