9mm Tactical Barrel Blocker, Orange, Package of 5

9mm Tactical Barrel Blocker, Orange, Package of 5

Mako Group

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Manufacture ID: TS-BB

Bright red polymer and brass safety device blocks barrel and chamber and clearly flags chamber as unloaded. Ideal in areas where a chamber blocking device is considered a lock, or where pistols are required to be carried unchambered but still ready for action.


- Bright red color enhances firearm visual safety
- Provides the user and its surroundings with a visual confirmation that there is no round in the chamber
- Does not Interfere with normal use – a simple cocking motion will eject the barrel blocker and load a live round in to the chamber (if a loaded magazine was inserted first)
- Enhances firearm situational awareness
- Prevents accidental discharge, enables rapid charging of live ammunition


- Caliber: 9mm
- Quantity: 5 Per/Pack