12 Gauge  Hybrid Cleaning Kit 16 Pieces

12 Gauge Hybrid Cleaning Kit 16 Pieces


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Manufacture ID: GM12HY

The DAC 12 gauge cleaning kit has been designed to be the ideal method to ensure that your weapon is clean and thoroughly maintained. These Gun Cleaning Kits through the professionals at DAC Technologies were developed making use of resilient and efficient resources that will ensure that you get years of efficiency. For a very long time, DAC Technologies has been building high quality firearm cleaning kits, and the is proof of their persistence for providing the best cleaning instruments for virtually any shooter.

Kit Includes:

- Hybrid Multi Function Handle
- 3 Piece Rod
- 33 Pull Rod
- 12 Gauge Brush and Mop
- 12 Gauge Slot Tip, Brush and Accessory Adapter
- 6 Piece Bit Set
- 25 Cleaning Patches