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X-Ray Scanner

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With the increased of global terrorism the requirement of screening solutions like  X-ray scanners, X-ray body scanners and x-ray baggage scanners becomes crucial components in the effort to protect in aviation security, customs inspections and other critical infrastructure.

The security x ray machines find all types of dangerous metal, organic and inorganic substance. These Security x ray scanner throw low penetration of radiation to detect metallic and non-metallic objects hidden under clothing.

Our x-ray baggage scanner are specifically designed for Airport, Business Hubs, Civil institution etc. At times human Inspection will never provide 100% security screening so these x-ray baggage scanner will quickly detect any unwanted or dangerous substance and make sure only the safe baggage gets through. Offers many feature like high resolution images, quick deployment and highest level of accuracy.

Whether it's a backscatter or linescan transmission technology, each parcel or checkpoint scanner that we carry offers top of the line image quality in the industry. This has become a critical factor in the search for explosives, weapons and other contraband in baggage, mail and freight parcels.

Browse all the leading brands in baggage x ray scanner- Autoclear, Scanna , 3DX-RAY and NuTech 

That is why for over 20 years, Security Pro USA has proudly trained, installed and sold x-ray security systems to government, military, law enforcement agencies and private corporations across the globe. If you have any questions for us simply just call, e-mail or request a quote from us, we have specially trained representatives here to quickly answer all your potential questions on any of our x-ray scanners.


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