Truck Inspection Mirrors - P-120TIM

Lester Brossard Truck Inspection Mirrors P-120TIM 12" Convex Mirrors


Lester Brossard

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Brossard Truck Inspection Mirrors

Security Inspection Mirrors | Lester Brossard P-120TIM Truck Inspection Mirror

The Lester Brossard Mirrors Truck Inspection Mirrors P-120TIM is a versatile, telescoping security mirror that is ideal for inspecting on top of semi-trailers or rail cars.

Truck Inspection Mirror Features

  • Available 12" convex mirror.
  • 1-piece, triple-extensions handle made of durable anodized aluminum.
  • Telescoping handle adjusts from 4'3" to over 13'
  • Complete unit weighs less than 5 lbs.
  • Convenient 2-piece grip for easy maneuvering.
  • Mirror head is easily detachable and comes with mirror protection cover.
  • Unit collapses down for easy storage.