Paulson REPEL Tactical Goggle - RTG-2

Paulson REPEL Tactical Goggle - RTG-2



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The aspheric lens design provides excellent peripheral vision to the sides and downward allowing the user to concentrate on his surroundings. The combined total thickness of the lens at the optical center is .110". Both hard & anti fog coated the dual lens provides superior optical qualities. Designed for interchangeable lenses; colored lenses available as accessories.
It has 360 degree ventilation properties that keep the user cool and fog free. The hypo-allergenic foam is sweat absorbing and conforms to the face in a soft and comfortable manner creating a secure fit. is secured to the goggle with compatibility hinges that allow the goggle to be both stowed on top of the helmet or worn as a streamlined unit with the helmet. The strap assembly is not visible in the peripheral view to avoid all distractions for the wearer and can be easily adjusted for the proper tension.