Triad Multi-Beam Weapon Laser, 50mW IR Laser

USNV 008765 Triad Mil/ Le Visible Green Laser /IR Laser/IR Illuminator


US Night Vision

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Not For Civilian Use. Military & Law Enforcement ONLY

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Triad Multi-Beam Weapon Laser, 50mW IR Laser, 50mW IR Illuminator, 30mW Green Laser

It's finally here; a Mil Standard-810G and ESD compliant multi-beam weapon laser at an affordable end-user cost! The all-new Triad is truly an industry breakthrough in the Tactical laser market featuring unsurpassed performance at an unprecedented price point. The Triad combines both a covert IR aiming laser and unique rear focusing IR illuminator for Tactical night vision operations. Also built into the Triad's diode cone housing is the very latest advanced generation Green aiming laser for dim light or daytime targeting applications.

Specifically designed for the individual or crew served weapon, the aiming lasers and illuminator are controlled with a single set of low-profile windage and elevation dials that greatly simplify bore-sighting and adjustment manipulations. Infrared "modes" offer both high and low power settings for optimized training or Tactical field use. All three lighting sources can be operated individually or in various combinations. Activation is controlled with either the included remote cable pressure pad or the built€“in single tap button located on top of the housing body.

Despite all of its many advanced features the Triad is remarkably compact and maintains a low profile when weapon mounted. The ruggedized design of the Triad ensures continued operation when submerged or when subjected to repeated heavy recoil. The system also includes an integral Picatinny rail for additional accessories as well as an adjustable quick detach throw lever mount with lock to prevent accidental detachment in the field.

Triad Multi-Beam Weapon Laser Specification:

Laser Type: Class 3b LE/Mil Only
Aiming Lasers Hi: <50mW Infrared & <30mW Green
Aiming Lasers Lo: <1mW Infrared(830nm)
Beam: Gn .5mR, IR 0.3mR, IR Illum 1.0 - 195mR
Wavelength: Gn 520nm, IR Laser & Illum 830nm
Windage & Elevation: Dials, ¼ MOA
Battery: 1 CR123
Run Time: 4 Hours
Weight: 9.7 oz
Dimensions: L 3-1/2", W 2-1/2", H 1-3/4"
Environmental: Mil-810G & ESD Compliant