Take Out - Clover Blend Food Plot Seed, 3 lb Bag

Take Out - Clover Blend Food Plot Seed, 3 lb Bag



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If one thought has guided Primos Hunting for over 40 years, it’s this: If Primos can make something better, they will. That’s why Primos is so proud to introduce Take Out Clover Mix Seed. Making it better started by knowing hunters better. And now more than ever, one thing is true: you don’t have time or money to waste on something that won’t work well for you. It’s pure, quality seed so you provide deer with a more attractive plot of highly digestible nutrients. We specifically selected these species of clovers to give you fast germination and dense growth in a wider variety of conditions and regions. It’s designed for low-till planting, so only minimal ground prep with seed to soil contact is required to ensure optimal growth per square foot. Use the Clover Mix as part of your Take Out Seed & Feed System to implement a simple, proven, and effective plan in your area. Find out more at primos.com/takeout.


- Low-till, no heavy equipment required
- Faster germination & establishment with proprietary seed coating
- Mixture of quality clovers for success in wider variety of conditions and regions
- Easily digestible and highly nutritious source of vitamins & minerals
- Up to 30% protein
- Plantings can last up to 4 years if properly managed
- Quality seed species
- Part of the Take Out Seed & Feed System


- Size: 3 lbs.