SecPro Multi-Use EOD Robot

SecPro Multi-Use EOD Robot


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SecPro Multi-Use EOD Robot is a modular unmanned EOD (explosive ordnance disposal) robot designed to disarm bombs, WMD's (weapons of mass destruction) and IED's (improvised explosive devices) without putting the bomb squad operators life at risk. With a fully modular design including a removable arm and a variety of different attachments. The SecPro Multi-Use EOD Robot can be used for a variety of different functions including under vehicle inspection, remote x-ray, luggage handling and IED disruption.


  • Can pull wheeled objects such as airport luggage carts, and can lift up to 50 lbs (22.7 kg)
  • Standard arm attaches with push-and-click baoynet mount, elevates up to 45°
  • Elbow articulates up to 90°
  • Wrist has full 360 degree rotation and continuous 90 degree rotation and elevation
  • Fully controllable grippers with interchangeable pads and hooks.
  • Rear and frontl back and white driving cameras with LED floodlight with fully pan and tilt function
  • Optional turnable rotates either arms

Optional Attachments

  • Arm with hand
  • High Rise Arm (hand with gripping tools is additional)
  • Interchangeable hand (allows hand to be switched between the standard and high-rise arm)
  • Pan attachment for standard arm (allows hand to turn right and left at the wrist)
  • Cable Cutter
  • Turntable (allows the robot to perform a spot-turn on its wheel, useful for nawwow spaces)
SecPro Multi-Use EOD Robot is a built-to-order item and can be customized to meet any of your operational needs.