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X64D Dual-Energy Dual View X-Ray Scanner



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The Nuctech X64D Dual-Energy Dual View X-Ray Scanner combines unsurpassed reliability with excellent image quality & advanced material classification.. This dual-energy dual view, X-ray machine was designed for the inspection of hand-held baggage, small checked luggage and parcels. The X64D x-ray inspection system utilizes an advanced dual view design, allowing images of each angle to be shown on a dedicated monitor for improved detection of dangerous objects and contraband hidden beneath overlapping areas. With tunnel and aperture dimensions of 23.9" x 16.5" ; this x-ray scanner is perfectly sized for baggage inspection in airports, railway stations, customs, ports and stadiums. The X64D can also be configured to offer automatic explosive and drug detection.


  • Utilizes advanced dual-view technology to meet high level security and operational effectiveness demands
  • High image quality with wire resolution of 38AWG and steel penetration of 30mm
  • Can be configured to offer automatic detection of explosive and narcotic substances
  • Stepwise, continuous and local zoom functions allow for image enlargement and enhancement
  • Images can be saved in a variety of different image formats including BMP, JPG and PNG , and be transferred to USB storage devices
  • Ergonomic keyboard and user interface design ensure the efficiency and professional of the X-ray screening operation
  • Modular design and construction combined with full built-in diagnostic facility guarantee the efficiency of equipment maintenance
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