USB Keylogger

16MB USB Keylogger



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Record every keystroke pressed with this 16MB USB keystroke recorder – No software or drivers are required.

Works with Wired USB keyboards only.

Completely undetectable by anti-virus, all typed data is recorded on the keylogger, to view the data enter a 3 key combination on the host computer and all the typed data will appear in notepad. A low tech but very effective monitoring tool for computers.


Product Description

16MB USB Keylogger

  • NEW! 16MB memory storage (record over 16 million keystrokes)
  • Records Every Keystroke Typed – even passwords!
  • Undetectable to anti virus / anti spyware
  • Does not affect computer operation or performance
  • Works with any USB keyboard, even those with built in hubs
  • No software or drivers to install
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac (except iMac 7.1 models)

Hardware Keylogger Uses

  • View all emails written by your children, spouse or employees
  • View all web sites visited by your children, spouse or employees
  • View all Facebook posts and messages
  • View all Instant Message chats
  • Monitor your employee productivity
  • Protect your children from online predators or bullying
  • …and many more