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Transcend DrivePro Body 52

Police Body Camera | Body Cameras For Law Enforcement

Transcend's DrivePro Body 52 body camera features a camera unit connected to the main unit by a flexible cable, allowing for a wide variety of attachment options. Tailor-made for law enforcement, private security, and other professionals, the DrivePro Body 52 is rugged and durable to withstand splashing water and shock. The camera features a Sony image sensor to capture high-resolution images with extremely fine tonal gradation even in low light. With built-in Wi-Fi, the DrivePro Body 52 allows users to live-stream footage and snapshots to iOS and Android mobile devices.

DrivePro Body Cameras Features

  • Separate camera unit with high sensitivity image sensor The DrivePro Body 52 is comprised of a main unit and a separate, compact camera unit which can be securely mounted on uniforms or jackets.
  • The camera features a wide 130° horizontal field of view, a large ƒ/1.8 aperture, and a Sony image sensor for high-resolution images with superb, rich color even in low light.
  • Mounting accessories included All necessary mounting accessories are included with the DrivePro Body 52.
  • Officers can choose to use either the 360° rotating clip or Velcro holder to mount the camera unit on their uniform or jacket, and use the belt holster to carry the main unit on their duty belt.
  • The DrivePro Body 52 is built to withstand extreme weather and conditions, making it an excellent choice for outdoor recording. It is IPX4 rated to offer protection against splashing water from any direction, and meets rigorous U.S. military drop-test standards* for shock resistance
  • The DrivePro Body 52 has a built-in Li-Polymer battery allowing up to 3.5 hours* of video recording on a full charge, mitigating the need for a power adapter for police officers on duty.

  • Recording time may differ based on environmental conditions and operation settings.