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Brossard Drop Ceiling Full Specialty Mirrors

Lester Brossard Drop Ceiling Fulls Specialty Mirrors - Acrylic Smoked Dome -Two Piece


Lester Brossard

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Lester Brossard Drop Ceiling Full Dome Mirrors 
Acrylic Smoked Dome -Two Piece

Drop-In Domes

  • For use with drop ceilings
  • Comes complete with dome, mounting panel, and backing light shield.

Smoke Domes

  • High visibility deters theft.
  • With a 360 degree smoked dome in your suspended ceiling no one can detect the presence of a CCTV surveillance camera
  • Domes can be positioned throughout a drop ceiling with or without a camera behind them.

Extension Brackets

Extension brackets are available in 14 inch and 26 inch sizes.