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Varanus Covert Concealable Vest NIJ Level IIIA - Fusion (1.17 PSF) - Security Pro USA

Varanus Covert Concealable Vest NIJ Level IIIA - Fusion (1.17 PSF)

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Varanus Covert Vest with IIIA Ballistic Panels

Soft Panels with IIIA Protection

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The COVERT is a lightweight concealed carrier made out of a highly durable polyester. This carrier offers an adjustable 8 point removable closure system. The side straps and shoulder straps are adjustable to fit your needs.

Concealable Carrier Specifications

  • Lightweight concealed carrier made out of a highly durable nylon.
  • Front to Back Wrap with “Overlap Protection”
  • Body-Side Wicking-Cool Mesh
  • Adjustable 8 Point Removable Closure System
  • Sleek and Compact Design
  • Top Quality Nylon, Reinforced Unions and Heavy Duty Velcro
  • Available in a range of sizes from XS through 3XL
  • Fully compatible with Fusion, Enforce,  Defiant & Fusion Panels
  • Available Small - 3XL

Ballistic Soft Armor Specifications

  • Product Name: FUSION IIIA
  • Product Application: Concealable Body Armor, External Carriers, Plate Carriers, and Tactical Body armor
  • Testing Standard: NIJ 0101.06
  • Protection Type/Level: IIIA
  • Model Number: AFC-T3A-525
  • Template Sizes: NIJ C-1 through NIJ C-5
  • Areal Density: 1.17 psf
  • Thickness: 0.275”
  • Flexibility: High
  • Type Of Materials: 3000D Twaron® Microlam Twaron® 2-Ply Unidirectional Fabric
  • Type Of Construction: W.R.A.P.TM - Water Repellent Armor Perimeter
  • Type Of Protective Cover: Brookwood 70D with Laminated Polyurethane
  • Type Of Protective Seal: Sonobond Ultrasonic Bond
  • Available In Shapes & Grades: Available in ALL vest patterns as well as OEM

Special Threat Testing Results: 

  • .44 Mag V50: 1615 fps
  • .357 Sig V50: 1735 fps

*Special Threat Testing Conducted in accordance with an abbreviated and modified NIJ 0101.06 and Special Threat Testing Protocol.