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Sellstrom Carbon Fiber Felt Welding Blanket Black

Sellstrom Carbon Fiber Felt Welding Blanket Black


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Carbon Fiber Felt Welding Blanket Black

S97624, S97625 and S97644 - Carbon Fiber Felt is a very powerful needled carbon fiber mat, specially manufactured to be scratch-free with minimal heat transfer, making it an invaluable tool for high-temperature thermal insulation applications. Carbon felt is specially designed to handle those tough situations in which both high heat resistance and flexibility are required and is available with or without fiberglass reinforcement. The high-quality fabric is also incombustible. Carbon felt is the ideal choice for applications as wide-ranging as welding applications and gasket material in package boilers and industrial ovens and furnaces, and as a thinner insulation alternative in removable insulation covers.

High Temperature Fabrics

  • Sellstrom offers a wide range of heat resistant, high temperature fabrics for severe heat environments
  • Typical applications include:
  • – high heat reflection
  • – molten metal splash
  • – welding shields
  • – freeze protection
  • – steam tracing insulation
  • – pipe wrap
  • – stress relief

Carbon Fiber Felt Welding Blanket Black Features:

  • Noncombustible material is ideal for high temperature insulation applications
  • Lightweight and soft material sheds less than fiberglass equivalent
  • Easy to cut and can conform to complex curves
  • Provides protection against heavy sparks, spatter, and slag up to 1800°F
  • Certifed to meet ANSI/FM 4950

Carbon Fiber Felt Welding Blanket Black Specification:

Prod. No. Width Length Color Weight Service Temp
S97624 6.0 6.0 Black 16 oz 1800F
S97625 6.0 8.0 Black 16 oz 1800F
S97664 72" 50 yd Black 16 oz 1800F

Carbon Fiber Felt Welding Blanket Black Technical 

Binding None
Combustibility Non-Combustible
Thicknesses Available 1/8”,1/4”, 1/2”, 1”
Service Temperature 1800 °F (982.2°C) 3000 °F (1648.9°C) Intermittent
Thermal Values Thickness: 8.63 mm Thermal Conductivity: 0.063 k(W/m•K) Thermal Resistivity: 15.932295 r(m•K/W) Thermal Resistance: 0.137591 R(K•m2/W)