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Mifram Weapon Unloading System

Mifram Weapon Unloading System

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Mifram Weapon Unloading System

A compact, mobile, safe weapon unloading system to prevent accidental discharge and to ensure maximum safety in crowded areas such as shopping malls, military bases etc.

The unit’s unique design and construction enables your operatives to test fire their weapons in complete safety to ensure that the chamber is empty and the weapon ready for cleaning and storage. Made of special, powder coated steel, the unit will successful absorb the firing of any caliber cartridge causing the shell to disintegrate within the containment unit.

Can be placed at a weapon unloading station in a number of configurations, according to security requirements and the space available for the system:

  • Cylinder – on a wall, on a table, on the floor, on a post.
  • Box – on a wall, on a table, on the floor.

Weapon Unloading System Operation

Operation is simple – just place the barrel of the weapon in the unit’s sleeve and press the trigger. If there is a bullet in the chamber, it will enter the containment chamber without danger of ricochet and harm to others in the area.

Weapon Unloading System Advantages

  • A lightweight, durable portable unit that can easily be located in barracks, armories and other locations
  • Quick set up – zero defects and faults
  • Weather resistant – can be used in the field under any weather conditions
  • Has a similar footprint to an ammunition box and is just as easily transportable
  • Safer, stronger, simpler and more cost effective than any comparable devices

Weapon Unloading System

  • The cylindrical unit can be placed vertically on the floor or horizontally on a post
  • Desk-mounted option does not require permanent mounting
  • bullet-trap-security-product-mifram-004
  • Box unloading unit in action – also for long barreled weapons
  • Cat. No. BMFR-184/185

Two Mounting Positions

Bullet Trap can be wall or table mounted in perfect safety with no danger of damage being caused to the wall, table and surrounding environment when discharging a weapon into the unit.

Cone Angle Firing Position

The unit uses a cone angle firing chamber with a pan angle of 30O to ensure that the barrel remains in place and any bullets are directed into the containment chamber when the weapon is discharged.

Operational characteristics

  • Successfully and safely contains all caliber handgun and rifle ammunition
  • Portable
  • Weather resistant
  • Robust and durable
  • Adheres to NIJ 3A, NIJ 4 and STANG 2 standards

Available accessories

  • Adjustable mounting device
  • Weatherproof cover

Weapon Unloading System Specification Table:

Dimensions – Cylinder
length 18 cm.
width 14 cm.
height 26 cm.

7 Kg.


Dimensions – Box
length 30 cm.
width 14 cm.
height 18 cm.
weight 3 Kg.