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MagnumSpike MS16 Spike Strip


Magnum Spike

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The spikes are held tightly in grommets using a synthetic sleeve. The tight retain-release, friction-fit spikes are pulled out of the system when the tire rolls over the spike thereby deflating it.


Deployed Length: 16 ft
Case Type: Ballistic Nylon
Dimensions in Case: 19.5" x 8" (rolled)
Shipping Dimensions: 20" x 8.5" x 8.5"
Net Weight: 13 lbs
Shipping Weight: 17 lbs
Number of Spikes: 160

The system is measured from the first spike to the last, i.e. usable length.

Included is a winding reel with 45 ft.of 150 lb. test nylon cord, 50 extra spikes with safety caps, collars, a Kevlar glove for replacing spikes, a DVD, and a 5-year,100% warranty for any components, including spikes.