Large Pad Replacement Hipbelt
Large Pad Replacement Hipbelt

Eberlestock HBLP Large Pad Replacement Hipbelt



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Large Pad Replacement Hipbelt

Large padded hipbelt, as made for our V69 and V90 packs. The pads on this belt are a little wider and thicker than on our standard belts, and feature a generous 3 x 6 Padlock webbing matrix. The benefit to using this belt for heavier load bearing is that you get a little more structure and a little more surface area to distribute the load onto your hips. This comes at the cost of a little more bulk. So, although we feel our regular belts are well matched to the packs that we have them on, we offer these replacement belts with larger pads for those whose wish is for maximum comfort and support. Auxiliary anchor straps can be routed through webbing on the pack to increase the stability of the bottom of the pack, or removed if you prefer our classic free-hip-movement belt installation.

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