AMRF2200 Advanced Modular Range Finder for LFR Clip-On systems

Armasight IALA00AMRF22001 AMRF2200 - Advanced Modular Range Finder



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AMRF2200 Advanced Modular Range Finder for LFR Clip-On systems

Advanced Modular (Laser) Range Finder for LFR Clip-On systems, and High-Performance Digital and Thermal devices

Accessories for CO-LR-LRAF/CO-XLR-LRAF

Advanced Modular Range Finder (AMRF) is designed to determine the exact distance between the observer and the target. Range finder can work with any scope, both optical and night vision or thermal. Measurement results are displayed on indicators (displays), which are built into the rangefinder. Using an optional cable rangefinder can also be connected to Night Vision Digital Scope. The results of measurement are displayed on indicators of rangefinder and in FOV of compatible carrying device. The AMRF is a pulsed laser rangefinder, which makes a distance measurement using a laser beam. Semiconductor laser which generates emission at a wavelength of 905 nm is a source of a laser emission of the unit. The range finder enables distance measurements to the object of interest in the range from 5 to 2000 m. With a rugged, lightweight composite housing, AMRF2200 is waterproof and shock-resistant. The mount system is designed to fit any Picatinny MIL-STD-1913 or Weaver weapon rail. An adjustable lever-cam clamping device ensures quick, easy, and reliable mounting and disassembly.

AMRF is capable of range identification up to 2,000 meters away

AMRF2200 Advanced Modular Range Finder Features:

  • High Accuracy
  • Wide range of measurement from 5 to 2000 m
  • Built-in display
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight but durable high-impact plastic body

Advanced Modular Range Finder Technical Specifications

System Data

Distance measurement range:- 5m to 2000m
Measurement precision:- ±1m
Emission wavelength:- instrument laser - 905 nm
alignment laser - 850 nm
Maximum output power:- instrument laser - 0.9 mW
alignment laser - 0.6±0,1 mW
Emission divergence:- instrument laser - 3.0 mrad (30 sm on a distance of 100 m)
alignment laser - 0.5 mrad (5 sm on a distance of 100 m)
Turn-on Time, max:- 0.9 sec

AMRF2200 High-Performance Digital and Thermal devices Optical Data

Entrance pupil diameter:- 23 mm


Boresight Adjustment range:- ±35 mrad (±2°)
Boresight Adjustment increment:- 0.5±0.05 mrad (5 sm on a distance of 100m)
Boresight Adjustment accuracy 1000 shots afterwards:- 0.5 mrad
Boresight Adjustment accuracy after 100 repositions on a rail:- 1.0 mrad


Battery:- Two CR123А lithium batteries (3.0 V)
Running time from a single battery package in a measuring mode:- >30 hr


Operating Temperature:- - 20 to + 40°С (-4 to +104°F)
Recoil Resistance:- 700 g
Environmental Rating:- Waterproof


Weapon Mount Type:- Picatinny, MIL-STD 1913, and Weaver Rails
Overall Dimensions:- 109×69×73 mm (4.3x2.7x2.8 in)
Weight (w/o Batteries):- 0.32 kg (0.7 lbs)
Warranty:- 2 Years