Armasight ANHG000002 Swing Arm #37 (Weapon)

Armasight ANHG000002 Swing Arm #37



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Armasight ANHG000002 Swing Arm #37

Swing Arm #37: Mini Rail Adapter to Bayonet Mount (Mounts NV Monocular to Bayonet-Type Headsets and Helmet Mounts)

Armasight Swing Arm #37 Mini Rail to Dovetail Adapter Description

Armasight Transfer Adapter / Swing Arm fits Sirius, Spark, N-14, Nyx-14, Nyx-14 Pro and Q14.

Armasight has designed the headset adapter to fit several different monoculars, including the Spark, Sirius, Mini-NYx14 and NYx-14. Use your night vision monocular without using your hands with the Arma Sight Headset Transfer Adapter for Spark / Sirius / NYx14 Night Vision Monocular.