Armasight ANAM000006 Universal Camera Adapter #45 (Weapon)

Armasight ANAM000006 Universal Camera Adapter #45



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Armasight ANAM000006 Universal Camera Adapter #45

Universal Camera Adapter #45 - Fully-Adjustable Video/ Photo Camera Adapter

Universal Camera Adapter #45 Description:

The Armasight universal camera adapter allows you to quickly and easily attach your digital camera or camcorder to your night vision device (NVD). A mounting rail secures the adapter to the NVD's mount, and thumbscrews hold the adapter securely in place. A block with a ¼" photo screw on the adapter can hold cameras weighing up to approximately 500 grams. The adapter can then be easily adjusted by moving it in three axes, in order to precisely align the camera's lens with the NVD's eyepiece. The solid construction of the rod and adjustment bar ensures that your camera and NVD stay firmly connected. The adapter is suitable for all Armasight NVDs that include adapter rails, or other NVDs with similar rails or adapters. All standard, compact digital cameras, smaller camcorders, and other cameras weighing up to 500g can be used in conjunction with the universal camera adapter. The camera and NVD can be attached to the adapter very quickly. The process of aligning the camera with the eyepiece is also very simple, allowing users to easily take photographs and record video at night. The adapter can be mounted to any tripod with a standard ¼" photo screw.

ANAM000006 Universal Camera Adapter Features:

  • Solid camera adapter for small to middle-sized cameras
  • Rugged and lightweight metallic construction
  • Simple attachment to any Armasight night vision device or other NVD with a similar rail
  • Can support cameras weighing up to approximately 500g
  • Tripod-mountable
  • Fits Spark, Sirius, mini-Nyx14, Nyx14 and PVS14 night vision monoculars
  • Allows you to take photos and video using your night vision device

Night Vision Universal Camera Adapter Specification:

Attached camera's Weight 800 g (1.76 lbs)
Longitudinal Adjustment Range 125 mm (4.9 in)
Side Adjustment Range 104 mm (4 in)
Vertical Adjustment Range 100 mm (3.9 in)
Dimensions 220 x 90 x 180 mm (8.66x3.5x7 in)
Weight 300 g (0.66 lbs)