aimpoint mount micro h-1, kit

Mount Micro H-1, Kit



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Aimpoint set out to improve sighting systems to coincide with their philosophy that sights should improve and simplify the shooting process. Aimpoint is credited as being the originator of the now famous Red Dot Sighting Technology. For the past 35+ years Aimpoint has been providing world class sighting solutions to those that put themselves in harms way daily: US Army, US Air Force, US SOCOM, French Army, Swedish Army, Italian Army, Danish Army, Finnish Army. With an impressive list like this it's no wonder that Aimpoint has found a home with Recreational Shooters, Hunters, Preppers, and Defense Minded Individuals the world over. Get more hits on your target, in any environment, at any time, faster and with more precision with Aimpoint.

Kit Includes:

- Mount
- Micro Tool
- Mounting Screws