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Aimpoint FCS12 FCS12 Sight



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The Aimpoint FCS12 is a Dynamic Universal Reflex Sight (DURS) for use on Multiple Weapon Platforms.
The FCS12 system comprises a Laser Range Finder, a ballistic computer and a parallax free optical channel with unlimited eye relief.
The FCS12 automatically compensates for the ballistic drop of projectiles at measured distances, factoring in variables such as rotational (spin) drift, propellant temperature, and terrain angle.


  • Small and rugged design.
  • No moving parts, true line of sight.
  • Compatibility with all generations of Night Vision Devices (NVD).
  • Push button interface located on the rear of the sight allows for setting advanced features, as well as providing a back-up interface for stand-alone operation.
  • User-friendly MMI.
  • 6 months operation, more than 200 combat sequences on one battery pack.
  • Quick change battery power packs containing 6 standard AA batteries (Alkaline or Lithium).
  • Selectable language feature.
  • Storage of more than 50 different ballistic algorithms.
  • Terrain angle compensation measured by an integrated inclinometer.


  • Aiming dot size: 2 MOA
  • NVD compatible: Yes


  • Battery type: Sight: AA Batteries, 1,2 - 3,0 V Remote Control: ½ AA Battery, LS 14250W, 3,6 V
  • Battery life - Day time use: 20 h, continous operation


  • Mounting: Available for Carl Gustav 84 mm, MK19 etc.