3DX-RAY FlatScan-Lite X-Ray Scanning System

3DX-RAY FlatScan-Lite Lightweight Portable X-Ray Scanning System



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3DX-RAY FlatScan-Lite X-Ray Scanning System

FlatScan-Lite Lightweight Portable X-Ray Scanning System | 3DX-RAY Vehicle scanning

FlatScan-Lite is a lightweight, portable, battery powered x-ray scanning system designed in co-operation with first responders and EOD teams to meet the needs of the field operative.

Our entry level product combines our K-120 generator with the long established FlatScan2-15 panel. Compared with traditional fluoroscopic or CCD based portable x-ray equipment, the FlatScan2-15 experience offers superior image quality and ease of use. All for the same investment as the old CCD systems. The result: incredible cost-to-performance benefits.

Designed for rapid deployment and easy operation, FlatScan-Lite offers real-time digital x-ray screening with superb image quality and image processing tools. FlatScan systems are ergonomically designed to meet the needs of field operatives. The high quality images and user-friendly ThreatSpect software enable the operator to acquire and interpret the x-ray image quickly and accurately.

Quick and simple to deploy, the system produces quality real-time x-ray images for immediate decision making. The detector panel is positioned behind the target; the generator is placed in front. The scan is activated from the laptop imaging station. The FlatScan-Lite’s 297mm x 206mm imaging area enables the operator to scan typical bags and packages in a single scan. Penetrating up to 29mm steel at 120kV the FlatScan-Lite produces sub-millimetre resolution images.

A range of sophisticated image processing functions, including materials discrimination, pan, zoom, DeepFocus™, measurement and annotation, coupled with FlatScan’s quality images enable the operator to interpret the image quickly and accurately. The FlatScan software can also communicate the image to a remote command centre andsave images in JPEG and other common file formats.

Ideal for use by First Responders, EOD teams, Counter Surveillance, and Customs and Security Operatives.

3DX-RAY FlatScan-Lite X-Ray Scanning System The system comprises

  • A resilient detector panel
  • A portable x-ray generator
  • An imaging station
  • Batteries and chargers
  • Wired and wireless communication options
  • ThreatSpect software

3DX-RAY FlatScan-Lite X-Ray Scanning System Features

  • Lightweight, compact and robust detector panel
  • 297mm x 206mm imaging area
  • Typically penetrates 30mm steel at 120kV
  • Fast set-up for minimum time on target 
  • Immediate and direct high resolution digital images
  • Simple to use intuitive software
  • Powerful image enhancement and analysis tools
  • Wireless option as standard (radio, wired and fibre optic cable options)

Options and accessories include: Tripods, repeater stations, spare batteries and chargers, soft carrying cases, wired and fibre optic cable sets.

3DX-RAY FlatScan-Lite X-Ray Scanning System Technical Specifications

Standard Package

X-ray detector panel, 120kV x-ray generator, laptop computer, ThreatSpect software, batteries, chargers, and wireless communication.

X-ray Detector Panel

  • Image/ detector resolution: 512 pixels, 40 AWG 2.5 lp/mm
  • Dynamic range: 4096 (12-bit)
  • Image acquisition/scan speed: 7 seconds
  • Detector dimensions: 434mm x 253mm x 86mm (external) (L x H x D)
  • Imaging/scanning area: 297mm x 206mm
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Power Self contained rechargeable cells
  • Communication protocols:
    • Wireless: 802.11g / Bluetooth
    • Wired or fibre optic options: TCP/IP ethernet
  • Operating temperature: -10˚C to +40˚C, MIL-STD-810F 501.4 and 502.4
  • Bump test: IEC 60068-2-29 :Test Eb
  • Humidity: 0% to 95% non-condensing
  • Ingress protection (water, dust): Designed to IP55

K-120 X-ray Generator

  • Type: 1mA constant potential 120kV
  • Power: Self contained rechargeable cells, Up to 180 images on one charge (2 hour charge), Mains power option
  • Penetration: 26mm guaranteed, 29mm typical
  • Weight: (without battery): 6 kg
  • Size: (with handle) (L x W x H) 470mm x 142mm x 215mm


  • Wireless: 802.11g, up to 50m range (extendable with repeaters) (standard)
  • Fibre optic: 100m, 150m, 200m (option)
  • Ethernet: 25m, 50m (option)

Imaging Station *

  • Type: Laptop computer (ruggedised option / tablet option)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-4200U, Dual Core
  • Display: 15.6” Full High Definition (1366x768) LED Display with AntiGlare
  • Memory: 4GB 1600MHz DDR3L (RAM)
  • Hard Drive: 500GB Serial ATA Hard Drive
  • Optical Drive: DVD +/-RW Media Bay Drive
  • Operating system: English MS Windows
  • Power: Mains and battery

* PC specification to be confirmed & agreed at order stage.

Software Features

  • Adjustable x-ray source parameters (kV, mA & time)
  • Standard, inverted and false colour images
  • Rotate, Histogram, Pan, Zoom, DeepFocus™
  • On screen measurements and annotations (option)
  • Materials discrimination (option)
  • Multi-file format import (option)
  • Multi-touch functionality for tablet based operation (option)


  • Physical safety interlock plus key switch
  • Audible & visible warning signs

Certification & Codes

  • NATO codification NSN 6350-99-152-8965

***Please note that all X-Ray Systems are made-to-order items and cannot be ordered online. For more information on our X-ray Scanners please request a quote.***