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Researchers Develop Formula That Makes Body Armor Substantially Stronger

body armor
Boron carbide is very effective at stopping bullets fired from most handguns. But when bullets are coming at it faster than 900 meters per second, its ballistic performance is quickly lost and it cannot be relied upon

The Evolving Urban Threat

The Evolving Urban Threat
...despite the changing threat levels in our society, there are easy and unobtrusive methods you can take to mitigate the risks and better protect yourself and your work place or home. The key is to keep up with technology, because we know the bad guys will.


How to Choose Body Armor?

How to Choose Body Armor?
Introduction With the recent rise in the need for protection, we may want to wear body armor for different reasons. You could be a police officer o...

Concealable Body Armor and Why You Should Consider It

Concealable Body Armor
Concealable Body Armor | NIJ Certified Bullet & Stab Proof Body Armor It always surprised me to find that some of the cops I worked with did n...